Landlord and tenant law and commonhold property law

ADKL advises and represents both landlords and tenants. Particularly in residential tenant law and commercial tenant law, we can demonstrate many years of experience which enable us to represent your legal and commercial interests systematically and effectively. We provide you with expert support in all legal questions that can emerge from the beginning to the end of a tenancy.

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Landlord and tenant law
  • Drafting and review of leases
  • Subletting
  • Claims for rent and operating costs
  • Release of deposit
  • Justification of or defence against rent increases
  • Defects in the rented property, rent reductions and damages
  • Billing of operating costs
  • Termination of leases with and without notice
  • Termination of leases by cancellation agreement
  • Return of rented premises, cosmetic repairs and compensation for damage
  • Clearing of rented property and eviction
Ccommonhold property law

When it comes to residential property law a comprehensive consultation is essential: for the individual apartment owners, the community of owners or administrators.

  • Foundation of home owners' associations
  • Rights and obligations arising from commonhold property
  • Use of common parts of commonhold property
  • Design and modification of commonhold property units
  • Owners' meetings and resolutions
  • Appointment and dismissal of administrator, administrator's contract, liability of the administrator, budget and accounting
  • Administrator approval for change of ownership
  • Procedure for common charges and revocation of home ownership
  • Resolution appeal proceedings
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